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Welcome! QDROExpress can certainly assist you, your former spouse, and attorney(s) in drafting the appropriate documents to divide retirement assets as provided in your Judgment of Divorce. The attorneys at QDROExpress have drafted over 22,000 QDROs and give individual attention to every case we receive. Please contact our office for our current turnaround time as it can fluctuate; consideration can be given for cases with critical time restraints.

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Once you have completed the worksheets, you may send all documents to us via email , fax to “Attention: QDROExpress” at (734) 304-0899, or mail to the above address. We may ask for additional information based upon the particular case, such as account statements for a specific period of time or guidance on issues not covered by the judgment/agreement.

Please note that we generally require that at least one of the parties be represented by legal counsel throughout the entire QDRO process. The Order(s) will be sent to counsel for the parties.