Turnaround Time, Quality, Service, and Cost are the prime considerations here at QDROExpress.

• President of QDROExpress, Robert Treat, Discusses QDROs in TV Interview

• President of QDROExpress, Robert Treat, receives the 2017 John W. Cummiskey pro bono award for helping poverty stricken clients.

Photographs by Brian Esler


"Speed" means timeliness. It means the attorney for whom the QDROs, Pension Valuations, Memorandums of Opinion or other requested documents are prepared, shall have them when needed. Our turnaround time varies and will be longer when the demand for services is higher. We are sensitive to situations involving dire or imminent circumstances, and do our best to accommodate such cases. It is very important to provide the information we need to complete your project, such as judgments or orders, our party information worksheet and retirement plan worksheet, and account statements and other information requested for your specific case.


"Quality" means the QDRO, Pension Valuation, Memorandum of Opinion or other requested document will be prepared carefully and thoughtfully, will reflect the intent as expressed in the relevant Court Orders, other supporting documentation and correspondence and communication from the attorney for whom the documents are prepared. Quality also means that the documents will comply with the statutory requirements and with the provisions and policy of the retirement plans being divided or evaluated. Quality also means that explanation will be given regarding certain assumptions used, potential problem areas, and why certain aspects of the QDRO or other document were treated the way they were.


"Service" means that we do more than just draft a QDRO for you, the attorney, then leave you to your own devices. It means that we explain problem areas to you, and are here to answer your questions and help you work through issues that arise after we send you the QDRO. It means that we return phone calls promptly, and address issues brought to our attention within a few days, or sooner if necessary. It means that we are attentive to your needs. We charge an hourly rate for research and consulting that is not part of the normal QDRO process, such as protracted conflict requiring lengthy phone calls, in depth research, responses to opposing counsel's objections, etc., but we won't nickel and dime you for follow through issues that commonly occur, take only minutes to explain, or are part of the normal QDRO process.


QDROExpress' costs are reasonable, and very competitive, and the time for normal follow up that is anticipated in the work we are hired to do will not result in addional fees.